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And the Winner of 2 Free Tickets to "Live Fire!" Is...

Eater peeps, you are the best. So many of you sent in your descriptions of the perfect beef grillin’ meal that you made it almost impossible to choose who would win two tickets to the Austin Food & Wine Alliance's Live Fire! event this Thursday at the Salt Lick Pavilion. We had Korean short ribs, charred beef hearts, and lots o’ juicy steak. Drumroll, please! Congrats, Elizabeth Sims! We thought your entry sounded delectable:

The best for friends, some great wine and a nice evening.
Grilled artichokes--cooked in white wine, lemon, Herb de Provence, cleaned, cut in half, grilled to char and warm through. Served with a lemon mustard aoli.

Grilled quail, marinated in citrus, cumin coriander and olive oil.
Grilled sirloins steak in a simple marinade--vinegar oil lee & Perrine's chillie flakes and lots of salt. Rest and slice.
Jicima & orange salad with basil lime dressing
corn on the cob--foile wrapple with salsa verde, olive oil, salt & pepper, and Queso Blanca cheese crumbles.

Grilled peaches (perferably Fredricksburg) with Amy's Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream.

Elizabeth, you and a special someone are going to Live Fire! this Thursday on Eater’s dime. Have a grand time.

[Photo: Pesotum/Flickr]