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Dirty Sixth Too Dirty For Downtown Austin Alliance

The Downtown Austin Alliance is tired of the damn kids these days and their loud music and their drinking on Sixth Street, which used to be a perfectly nice place before all the damn kids (and, uh, alleged criminals?) showed up.

The DAA is looking to bring in more family-friendly, daytime businesses that are "innovative," like a "fast-casual ramen restaurant concept," reports Community Impact News. With the DAA's help, classy grown-ups can finally reclaim East Sixth:

“What I am working toward is creating more of a place that is somewhere I would personally go to on a Saturday night,” said Meredith Sanger, DAA’s retail recruiter. “I’m that kind of demographic—I look at 25- to 35-year-old educated, young professionals and drawing that type of crowd in. And they want more of an experience.”
Most importantly, East Sixth needs to be more like New York City, where there's a "fast-casual ramen restaurant concept" on every corner and no damn kids:
“I lived in New York for four years, so I was exposed to all of these innovative ideas,” Sanger said. “So I always go back to what’s going on up there because eventually it’ll trickle down to Austin.”
In the meantime, we'll sit here with our breakfast tacos and brisket, waiting to get the next memo from New York about what to do next.

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[Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX]