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ViUDA Bistro: 'Uneven,' But Still Has 'A Lot Of Potential'

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The Austin Chronicle reviews ViUDA Bistro in Buda, Texas this week--golly, wonder where they heard about that place?--finding Kurt "The Irish Chef" Ramborger's food "uneven" but deciding the restaurant has "a lot of potential."

Melanie Haupt came away less than impressed with the atmosphere ("they need to turn off the televisions and turn their attention to the finer details of service and ambience") and with Ramborger's dishes even though she calls his Veggie Delight "a triumph of ingenuity."

While chef Ramborger's bold personality shines on the menu, the execution could use some tweaking. Beyond the food, he and his business partners need to fine-tune the story they want to tell with this restaurant.
ViUDA shares a space with a Mexican restaurant, but Haupt says that if the meat and game dishes on the menu were as good as that Veggie Delight, the ViUDA folks could be "cooking for a full house in their own space six nights a week."

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[Photo: Brandi H./Yelp]

ViUDA Bistro

108 North Main Street Buda, TX 78610