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Art "Artz Rib House" Blondin Takes Over Jax Kitchen

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West Campus music venue and watering hole Jax Neighborhood Cafe is reopening their kitchen this weekend with the help of the recently de-restauranted Art Blondin of the shuttered Artz Rib House. Via the Jax blog:

Miss Lou Ann Barton, Denny Freeman and Derek O'Brien help celebrate the reopeing of our kitchen this Saturday. The rumors are true! ArtZ Ribhouse has taken over the kitchen at JAX and will begin serving this Saturday. Add to that the new food trailers in our parking lot, and it's got to be the best destination in town! RibZ, Cajun food, N. Carolina BBQ. Lou Ann.... does it get any better?
Jax describes Blondin's ribs thusly on Facebook: "Had a sample of Art's first run of ribs last night. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"

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[Photo: Jax/Official]

Jax Neighborhood Cafe

2828 Rio Grande Austin, TX 78705