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Prize For Eating Tons Of Hamburgers: More Hamburgers

Attention, Hungry Todd Rungy and other competitive eating enthusiasts! The newly opened (as of April 10th) Burger University restaurant in Georgetown is offering gut-busters the opportunity to eat a bunch of hamburgers, then be rewarded with the opportunity to eat yet more hamburgers. Via Community Impact News:

The menu also features an eating challenge known as The Full Ride, which costs $35.99 for those who do not eat it all. Individuals taking the challenge must consume five 1-pound burgers with a side of fries in less than 60 minutes. Winners are placed on the Dean's List and earn a T-shirt and the chance to compete in the 8 Lb. Burger Challenge at no cost. Winners of the 8-pound challenge can win $1,000.

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[Photo: Burger University/Official]

Burger University

119 W. 7th Street, Georgetown, TX