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Enjoy St-Germain Before a Night Out


Spring has sprung, and there's no better way to celebrate the beginning of the season than with St-Germain. Made from handpicked elderflowers native to France, it makes an elegant addition whether you’re planning a romantic picnic for two or partying outdoors with friends. Its subtle flavor allows it to pair easily with complementary spirits. A classic celebratory pairing combines St-Germain with Champagne, but bartenders in Austin are using it with more than just bubbly. Vodka, gin, rye, rum, tequila and bourbon all play well with St-Germain. See Eater’s map of where to find St-Germain in and out of the bottle. À votre santé!

Justin Elliott is the bartender over at the Volstead Lounge on East 6th, and for him a night out is about the experience. “It should be fun to go out drinking.” He said. To that end Elliott was full of ideas for using St-Germain and praised its “chameleon quality.” “You pair it with one liqueur and it brings out a melon flavor; another and the floral elements come out.” He suggested pairing St-Germain with “a dry, almost a tart apple cider” and asserted the elderflower spirit “craves citrus.” He said one of his favorite ways to start a night out is with Prosecco and St-Germain, with a lemon peel garnish. “It almost has a Muscato quality to it. It’s really good for session drinking.”

St-Germain and Prosecco

1.5 oz. St-Germain
4 oz. Prosecco

Pour shot of St-Germain into a glass of ice. Top off with Prosecco and add a lemon twist.