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Eater Austin's Guide To SXSW Eats, Drinks Guides

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Welcome to Austin, SXSWers! Herein we swear to sign over the use of a good portion of our city to you for the next two weeks, and in return, you give us pretty much all your money and try not to puke too much on our sidewalks. But with so many places to eat and drink in town, how do you know which bars and restaurants to visit? Why, you consult a SXSW eating guide, of course, which would be terribly helpful if there weren't six million of them.

This is where Eater Austin comes in: we're not going to add to the throng of publications telling you to eat at Uchiko and to decimate the brunch buffet at Moonshine and schmooze at the Hotel San Jose bar. (Though you should definitely do those things.) But we are going to help you sift through the many and various SXSW guides so that you can find the one that really speaks to your stomach-slash-liver.

(Found a guide we haven't yet covered? E-mail us so we can add it to the tome.)

25 New Places To Eat Since Last Year's SXSW -- Ideal for long-time festival regulars who are totally over Casino El Camino. [Austin360]

Flavor Of Austin -- Zagat's fancy-pants book-style guide to Austin restaurants and bars won't blow your mind with indie recs, but is pretty neat if it doesn't crash your smart phone browser. [Zagat]

Sustainable By Southwest -- If sustainability is your first priority, over just eating whatever free taco someone shoves at you, this short list will be somewhat helpful. A better alternative: the Austin Food Blogger Alliance's 2012 dining guide to local and sustainable spots. [Spoon and Trowel]

Food Trailers You Won't Want To Miss -- Austin is crawling with food trucks, and trailer lady Tiffany Harelik picks sixteen good ones. [CultureMap]

Where To Eat At Austin's SXSW 2012 -- A surprisingly indie guide to SXSW eats from Zagat, which includes some east side favorites like Rio's Brazilian and Zandunga Mexican Bistro. [Zagat]

The Best Eats At SXSW -- The Daily Meal's guide lists a few food panels and after-parties, rather than restaurants and bars themselves. As if anyone needed to be told that the Anthony Bourdain panel is a must-see. [Daily Meal]

Don't Go Home Hungry: Festival Eats Not To Be Missed -- Our alt-weekly's guide to the usual suspects (Highball, Halcyon, La Condesa) plus some lesser-knowns: Leaf, Casa Garcia's. [Austin Chronicle]

SXSW 2012 Guides: Dining in Austin -- From the Austin Film Society, a very comprehensive and well-explained list of personal recommendations and tips on dining at food trucks, brick-and-mortar restaurants and grocery stops alike, organized by their proximity to theaters. Excellent resource for any SXSW visitor, but especially film-goers. [Slackerwood]

Austin Eavesdropper -- Local blogger makes a Matthew McConaughey puppet, interviews it on-camera, recommends super-secret underground places such as the Driskill and Whole Foods. [Austin Eavesdropper]

Six Must-Try Food Events at SXSW -- A solid way to get a truly unique eating experience is to opt for a one-off event instead of dinner reservations. Zagat's got a locally written rundown of not-to-miss events. [Zagat]

Larry Maguire's SXSW Guide To Austin -- Larry Maguire is the cheftrepeneur behind Lamberts, Perla's and the Elizabeth Street Cafe, and in addition to the usuals (Uchi, Hotel San Jose, Vespaio) thinks you should stop off at our Yellow Rose strip club. Excellent list if you're a SXSBro living on the company dime for two weeks. [GQ]

SXSW Guide: Where To Eat In Austin -- Serious Eats breaks down food by cuisine and time of day (late night, brunch) with solid, if not particularly surprising, recommendations in each category. [SeriousEats]

How To Eat Right At SXSW -- To our knowledge, Food Republic has never made a list on which it didn't recommend Red's Porch, and this one is no different. [Food Republic]

Interactive Foraging Downtown -- Basically a list of most of the non-sucky restaurants downtown. [Austin Chronicle]

The SXSW Eat Sheet --'s guide to Austin restaurants they know about in rural Siberia where there is no internet and no one speaks English. []

Where To Drink At SXSW -- Another great Slackerwood guide with locations as well as tips on drinking at SXSW that includes the sage advice, "practice bad beer abstinence," even if it's free. [Slackerwood]

Top 10 Places To Eat In Austin For SXSW -- There are no strangers on this Food Network list, even if they did decide to break with the pack and not recommend Uchiko. Believe them when they tell you the Broken Spoke is well worth a visit. [Food Network]

SXSW: Where To Eat -- A comprehensive, if not especially curated or descriptive, list of a whole fuckload Austin restaurants by neighborhood. Click on their right sidebar to break it down by location. [Texas Monthly]

White Denim's Guide To SXSW -- Austin band White Denim gives Food Republic their recommendations, which include the barbecue counter inside Whole Foods. [Food Republic]

Better Beer Shows -- God bless the Austin Beer Guide for highlighting which SXSW shows and parties are sponsored by beer that is not crappy. [Austin Beer Guide]

Where The Locals Say To Eat -- And by "locals," the Village Voice really means some random people you have never heard of. [Village Voice]

A Gentleman's Guide To SXSW -- Two blogger dudes doing the whole "We are fancy gentlemen but not too fancy of gentlemen" bit, recommend the usual suspects, plus Gourdough's. [GQ]

Handicapping Local Craft Brews -- An informative and comprehensive guide to Austin's healthy craft beer scene. [Austin Chronicle]

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