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Are These The Five Best Barbecue Joints In Texas?

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If the sentence, "In a state chock full of old-time, country-lovin,’ cactus-growin’, cattle-raisin’ conservatives, Austin, Texas, is an anomaly," doesn't make you want to die five times, you may make it through the entirety of this MSNBC piece on Texas barbecue. Writer Molly Lundquist-Baz recommends local notables Live Oak BBQ, Smitty's and JMueller BBQ on her list of the best barbecue joints in Texas. But Louie Mueller impressed the most:

I tried to investigate what sets this particular place apart from so many other excellent options, but could only conclude that it takes serious attention to detail and even more serious love to make food this delicious. The pit masters and workers were proud of their food in a way I haven’t seen elsewhere – and there is a lot of pride flying around this state.
If it sounds like there's a notable exclusion in this supposedly comprehensive look at Central Texas barbecue, they added Franklin BBQ to the list later on by popular demand, since it was closed when Lundquist-Baz visited Austin.

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Louie Mueller Barbecue. [Photo: Judith D./Yelp]

Louie Mueller Barbecue

206 W. Second Street Taylor, TX 76574

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