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Real Magazine Launches With Austin-Lovin' Food Cover

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The Austin American-Statesman has launched a monthly magazine, Real as an extension of its lifestyle coverage. Addie Broyles writes its inaugural cover story--featuring a "real" freaking weird photo of Paul Qui and some fish--all about how awesome and popular the Austin food scene is, and how it got that way. In "How Austin became a culinary capital," she writes:

Austin's reputation as the live music capital of the world was the driving narrative of almost every mention in the national media, but after a while, newspapers, magazines and TV shows needed a new hook. After all, if food is the new rock, chefs are the new rock stars.
And who is more chef-rock-star right now than Paul Qui? No one. But Broyles also notes that Austin's culinary profile is raised when out-of-town chefs move in, such as Bay Area chefs Daniel Olivella, who'll open Barlata Austin this fall and Jason Tallent, who recently took over the 34th Street Cafe. We're like a melting pot. But con queso.

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[Photo: Real/Official]