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Banger's Brings Sausage, Beer Garden To Rainey Street

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Rainey Street's first actual brick-and-mortar food-serving establishment, the Javelina Bar, opened in February, and the district grows ever more food friendly. The El Naranjo truck's going full-restaurant, and a new sausage-and-beer joint is progressing quickly. The new place is called Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden, and they're looking for a head chef who "knows, loves, and understands sausage." Oh, and pickles:

Aside from the largest selection of sausage and beer in Austin, we are going to have one of the most robust and complex pickling programs this city has ever seen. The goal is to have 2-3 varieties of sauerkraut at a time combined with 3-4 varieties of pickled seasonal and locally grown veggies.
Oh, and French fries:
"If we don’t win an award for the best French fries in Austin in our first year of operations, and then move on to win best fries in the US by year 2 then you didn’t do your job."
If the wild success of Easy Tiger downtown--Drew Curren's similarly sausage-focused beer garden--is any indication, Banger's may have a slamming time on Rainey Street.

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The Banger's "little house." [Photo: @BangersAustin]

Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden

81 Rainey Street, Austin, TX