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Kick Butt Coffee Stops Kicking Triangle Butt

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The Triangle's Kick Butt Coffee location is no more, and if you want to read the whole dramatic, Chuck Norris-themed saga, owner Thomas Gohring has put his magnum caffeine opus online. Step into the kick butt boxing ring as Gohring complains about the rent ($4775/month) and how they "never had a profitable month." He writes, of taking over the space Flipnotics had once occupied:

I had understood that Flipnotics had closed in our spot with daily average sales of $800. I estimated when first moving in that if we could do $800 a day we would be breaking even. (I was wrong) I was told that their service was bad and product was so-so. I thought surely we could do better. We did, but it was still not enough. We finally got to their $800 average which brings a total of 24k ... this happened only once (in october 2011) and once again last month, in February 2012. Still not enough. The amount of additional time, energy, effort and money it takes to get to 24k actually created record monthly losses.
He says they nearly closed the shop just months after they opened in 2009: "I was shocked that we were not doing better and I took 100% of the blame and responsibility." The Airport Boulevard location remains open.

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[Photo: Cynthia H./Yelp]

Kick Butt Coffee (Closed)

4600 W Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78751