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Critics Visit Lick, Hopfields In the Austin Chronicle

Because Austin American-Statesman restaurant reviews are only slightly less common than Bigfoot sightings, we rely entirely on the Austin Chronicle for this edition of Week In Reviews, wherein we visit Lick and Hopfields.

That's right, the weekly paper reviewed an ice cream shop. Well, "review" seems a little generous. It's basically a three-paragraph list of flavors that contains absolutely no criticism whatsoever. If there were an exclusive night club for press releases and this review tried to get in, the bouncer would not even check its ID. But sure. A "review."

Then, writer Melanie Haupt visits North Campus' Frenchified bar-and-restaurant Hopfields, wrongly placing it in Hyde Park but rightly observing that the place is packed pretty much all the time. The food "transcends the genre of bar fare," as the frites are "nearly perfect" and the ham sandwich "far exceeds its Parisian counterparts," but Haupt doesn't like the surprise lavender on the crepes because, "I don't care to eat lavender."

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[Photo: Hopfields/Facebook]


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