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Look At What A Great Time Tony Bourdain Had In Austin

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[Photos: Draught House/Facebook, Barley Swine/Facebook, La Condesa/Twitter, @BBQSnob, @IntoNoRes]

We recommend clicking through this photo gallery and pretending, in a completely non-creepy way, that it's a great record of the super fun time you had with Anthony Bourdain over the last few days here in Austin. Look, there you are catching Tony walking into the Draught House! And grabbing beers with him and Bryce Gilmore at the Horseshoe Lounge! And eating that big rib from JMueller with Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn! Oh what an unreal time we fake had not together!

If anyone's got shots of Tony at the following rumoured-to-have-been-blessed-with-his-presence locations: Lala's, Trudy's, El Taco Rico, Quality Seafood and Izzoz Tacos, you know where to send 'em so we can put them in this here scrapbook.

UPDATE: We stand corrected by Bourdain Hisownself, it's not the time he "had" in Austin, it's the time he's still having, because he's still in town. We wondered on Twitter if our photo album was creepy, and lo: "maybe a little bit... Still here!"

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