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Trio's SXSW-Only Hangover Burger; Donut Taco Freakout

DOWNTOWN -- Sounds like Trio at the Four Seasons knows which side its bread is buttered on this week: they've introduced a SXSW-only "Hangover Burger" topped with bacon and a fried egg. [Eaterwire]

SOUTH CONGRESS -- Wow: RL "Scrumptious Chef" Reeves, Jr., complains that the "big beefy hoss cat who looked like she'd definitely know her way around a taco" couldn't tell him anything about the new Tacos Don Gabriel truck on South Congress. [Scrumptious Chef]

SOUTHWEST -- Buzzfeed is freaking out about the Donut Taco Palace, because non-Texans are pretty confused by breakfast tacos, but positively dumbfounded by breakfast tacos and donuts in the same place. [Buzzfeed]

[Photo: Trio/Official]

TRIO at the Four Seasons Hotel

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