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Round 1, Heat 6: Vote For The Hottest Chef In Austin!

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eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgWelcome to round one, heat six of Eater Austin's Hottest Chef competition. Today's sexy kitchenmeisters are, pictured from left to right above: Ned Elliott of Foreign & Domestic, Rebecca Meeker of Congress, Todd Duplechan of Lenoir and Shawn Cirkiel of Parkside.

Don't jump into this decision light-heartedly. This is serious business. Think long. Think hard. Who here deserves to advance to compete for the title of Hottest Chef in Austin? Polls close at noon tomorrow, February 9th.

Yesterday's winner of round one, heat five was Phillip Brown. Congratulations, hot Phillip! Who will win today and go on to compete against Brown, round one's Brad Turner, round two's Erica Beneke, round three's Jacob Weaver and round four's Kurt Ramborger? That, friends, is up to you:

Poll results

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