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Austin Beerworks Is Now Touring; Opa! Seeks Dancer

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SOLA -- Greek coffee and wine bar Opa! is hiring a "Greek Dancer that has barrista and Bartending expierence," sic. Because you can always train a dancer to serve coffee, but you can't always teach a barista to dance. [Craigslist]

BEERWIRE -- Here's a brewhaha (haha!) in North Austin: Austin Beerworks is having their first-ever public tour on Friday. It's sold out, but they'll begin hosting them every week after. [Austin Beer Guide]

QUIZWIRE -- Wondering were to head for pub quiz? This claims to be the "most complete" guide to trivia nights in Austin. But Wednesdays at Posse East aren't on the list, so we're reserving judgment. [Everything Austin Apartments]

[Photo: Opa!/Yelp]


2050 S. Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX