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Don't Eat That Shrimp; Cenote Changes Its Tune

EAST SIDE -- Even if you're a fancy person, don't call the new East Austin coffee house "ce-note-eh," because the shop on Cesar Chavez formerly known as Cenoté is dropping the accent aigu from their name--just about a month before they open on March 25th. [Eaterwire]

NORTH -- Chen Z Hot Pot & Noodle Bar, opening today on Anderson Lane, is a new high-end restaurant from the owners of Chen's Noodle House. [Austin360]

ECOWIRE -- Don't eat gulf shrimp unless you're the worst. Freshwater prawns are where it's at. [CultureMap Austin]

[Photo: Cenote/Facebook]


1010 E Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX 78702


1010 East Cesar Chavez Austin, TX 78702