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Hottest Chef In Austin Semifinals, Round One Voting!

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eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgAfter eight rounds of preliminary voting, you faithful Eater readers have narrowed the playing field in this year's second annual Hottest Chef in Austin competition. We are left with eight hot, sexy chefs. They are: the Carillon's Brad Turner, Max's Wine Dive's Erica Beneke, Mulberry's Jacob Weaver, ViUDA Bistro's Kurt Ramborger, Parkside's Shawn Cirkiel, ASTI's Kenzie Allen, Lucy's Fried Chicken's Ryan Town and Vince Young Steakhouse's Phillip Brown.

Today we come one step closer to finding out who is the hottest, sexiest chef of all in our first semifinal round. Voting fingers at the ready?

Pictured from left to right, above: Brad Turner, Erica Beneke, Jacob Weaver and Kurt Ramborger. Round one closes at noon tomorrow, February 14th.

Poll results

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