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Hottest Chef In Austin Polling Begins ... Today!

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Eaters of Austin, the chefs of this city have done so much for you. They've made you delicious foods. They've served you in times of need and times of joy. They've given you their finest culinary gifts. The least you can do is repay them by judging them based solely on how hot they are for Eater's annual Hottest Chef competition.

Voting begins at noon today. There will be eight rounds of four chefs, pitted against each other for 24 hours of polling. It's your job to vote for your favorites and encourage others to do the same. The winners from each round will compete in semi-finals, and then the ultimate hot chef will go on to compete against national Eater city winners.

Sidenote: we'll be keeping a close watch on any suspicious behavior, so please no ballot-stuffing, because disqualifications are always an option. Let's make it a clean fight.

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