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Scenes From Knob Creek's Dinner Series at Swift's Attic

Knob Creek's bourbon expert, Adam Harris, explained the history of this most American of spirits, enlightening the gathering on Knob Creek's place in the small-batch bourbon canon.

Chef Matt Clouser, of Swift's Attic, continually raises the standard on what to expect from Austin cuisine. From a gala apple and arugula salad with bourbon vinaigrette, to bite-sized quail legs swathed in bourbon butter, nary a morsel was left on the plates. Cocktail pairings with the menu included one of America's oldest cocktails, the Sazerac, made with Knob Creek's award-winning Rye Whiskey, and The Apricot Draper, a delicate fruit concoction enhanced by the deep spiciness of Knob Creek Single Barrel.

December 5 is a good day for bourbon drinkers. Not only is it the day, 79 years ago, when Prohibition was repealed, but it also marked the night in downtown Austin that Knob Creek Bourbon, the standard in pre-prohibition bourbon, welcomed a group of ardent fans to a one-of-a-kind bourbon tasting dinner.