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Who Is Austin's Bully-Confronting Chef On Reddit?

What anonymous local chef stood up to the kid who bullied him in school—and ended up becoming chef buddies with the (formerly incarcerated!) guy as an adult?

Reddit user MrMentallo appears to live in or around Austin with his Snow Patrol-loving wife and approximately five-year-old daughter and has many entertaining and informative thoughts about cooking. Who is MrMentallo, and who's he writing about befriending here?

His life just went downhill after school and he ended up getting busted for dealing. I told him to clean himself up and I'd do my best to show him how to get his shit together. He ended up being one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Five years later he ended up being my sous chef. He has his own restaurant now and we guest chef at each other's place all the time.
Toss around your theories in the comments. Or just come clean!

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