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Houndstooth To Do Dallas; Here Comes The Hi Hat

EAST SIDE — Parind Vora's old spot Braise will become the Hi Hat Public House, according to Scrumptious Chef: "Expect a wall filled with two dozen taps of hi-grade craft beer and a kitchen putting out careful takes on classic pub cuisine." [Scrumptious Chef]

CRIMEWIRE — Landlords that have signed new leases with new tenants in formerly Yassine-run bars are frustrated with the TABC, which says it can't yet hand out new liquor licenses. [ABJ]

EXPANSIONWIREHoundstooth Coffee will open a location in Dallas in 2013. Owner Sean Henry tells CultureMap: "Austin has a more advanced coffee scene; that's why we want to go to Dallas and bring the scene along." [CultureMap]

[Photo: Google Maps]

(Future) Hi Hat Public House

2121 E. Sixth Street, Austin, TX