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Alamo Drafthouse Goes To Brooklyn; Yassine Guilty Plea

EXPANSIONWIRE — The Alamo Drafthouse empire grows and grows: the Austin-based cinema eatery will open in downtown Brooklyn in 2015. [ABJ]

CRIMEWIRE — One of the many people arrested in the Yassine nightclub raid has pleaded guilty to firearm charges. Nizar Hakiki was originally also charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and distributing cocaine. [KXAN]

SHRIMPWIRE — Sure, why not: watch Austin stand-up comedian Chris Cubas eat 110 shrimp during Red Lobster's "endless shrimp" promotion. [YouTube]

400 Rabbits at Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane. [Photo: 400 Rabbits/Facebook]

400 Rabbits

5701 Slaughter Lane, Austin, TX 78739