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Cigar Room Seeks Dreamy Dudes; Booze-Free Drinks

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LAKEWAY — Ugly, weak men need not apply for this barback job at The Cigar Room in Lakeway. They're asking that a "current photo" be attached with resume and application, so there'll be none of that whole trying to get hired merely on the basis of talent and experience thing. [Craigslist]

THE INTERNETS — The Alamo Drafthouse was Austin's most-searched term in 2012, according to Google. The most searched-for restaurant? Congress. [KUT]

DOWNTOWNPeché's Rob Pate has mixed up some non-alcoholic beverages for holiday revelers who prefer their celebrations a little dryer than the rest. [Stetted]

[Photo: Cigar Room/Yelp]

The Cigar Room

1310 RR 620 South A-12 Lakeway, TX 78734