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The Noble Pig Still Noble, Getting Less Piggy

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Northwest Austin sandwich joint The Noble Pig has announced today that it is officially rebranding as Noble Sandwich Co. The announcement comes with news that a second location, in an as-yet-unidentified part of Austin, will be opening sometime in the summer of 2013. Apparently part of the company's plan for expansion does not include reminding patrons of the inherent nobility of the cute, curly-tailed creature that was slaughtered, butchered, cooked, and placed between slices of bread for their dining pleasure. (The new logo does still feature an adorable lil' piggy sniffing an apple before its demise and subsequent incarnation as your lunch.)

With the new branding comes a new website, but not a new menu – the Noble Pig sandwich, featuring bacon, pulled pork, and ham in a swine trifecta remains, as do all of the other breakfast and lunch items on which the restaurant built its now-discarded identity.

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Noble Pig founders/chefs John Bates and Brandon Martinez. [Photo: Noble Pig/Facebook]

Noble Sandwich Co. [620]

12233 Ranch Road 620, Suite #105 , Austin, TX 78750 Visit Website

11815 620 North, Austin