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Sagra Is Closing And They're Pretty Pissed About It

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Because of a dispute with the restaurant's landlord, Sagra will officially close on November 18th. The owners of the five-year-old Italian restaurant on the northwest side of downtown have taken to Facebook to complain of patio-related injustice at the hands of landlord Granite Properties:

"Why would a landlord end the lease of an Austin restaurant that has never been behind on its rent? A restaurant that is in a 150 year old building and received a 97 on a recent health inspection? The dispute began over the construction of our front patios. These decks are temporary and the landscaping and building have not been altered or affected in anyway, other than an easily replaceable lawn which we paid $1000 for in advance, to replace 400sq ft. of grass. The land owner felt that our patios would be a nuisance to the neighborhood. This of course couldn't be farther from the truth."
All-you-can-eat-mussels on Tuesdays, we hardly knew ye. Anyone interested in efforts to change Granite's mind can join the "Save Sagra Austin" Facebook group.

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Sagra's patio. [Photo: Sagra/Facebook]

Sagra [Closed]

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