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Vote For Austin's Best Margarita, Round Two

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It's the kind of question that, in Austin, can make or break friendships: Where's the best margarita in town? In honor of Eater Cocktail Week 2012, we're asking it all week long.

Traditionalist versus trendy. Rocks versus frozen. Salt? No salt? Fruit infusion? Dainty sip or strong pour? There are so many ways—none of them wrong, really—to make this staple drink. So Eater Austin wants to know: when readers crave their favorite margarita, where do they go?

We asked for your suggestions and threw in a few of our own favorites, and now it's time to pick a winner. From three semi-final rounds running at noon for 24 hours each day through Wednesday, we'll pick six finalists. From that elite group, an ultimate winner will be chosen from a poll that will open on Thursday morning and close Friday morning.

Yesterday's round one winners are Curra's and Vivo, which garnered 34.4 and 30.2 percent of the votes, respectively.

And now, on to today's poll:

Poll results

Polvos Mexican Restaurant

2004 S 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704 512 441 5446 Visit Website