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Amateur Gourmet Goes Austin

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elizstcafe150.jpgAdam "The Amateur Gourmet" Roberts, author of Secrets of the Best Chefs, found himself stranded in Austin thanks to Frankenstorm Sandy and ate his way through the days-long delay. A selection of his stops: Barley Swine (where he ate "okra through the looking glass, okra on L.S.D."), Counter Cafe, Takoba and the "surprising" Elizabeth Street Cafe, where he ordered curry that was "not at all horrible." [Amateur Gourmet]

Elizabeth Street Café

1501 S 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704 512 291 2881


1411 East 7th Street, , TX 78702 (512) 628-4466 Visit Website

Counter Cafe

603 West 29th Street, , TX 78705 (512) 383-5451 Visit Website

Barley Swine [Closed]

2024 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704 Visit Website