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Bridget Dunlap: 'We're Going To Take On Austin'

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Rainey Street booze-preneur Bridget Dunlap will soon branch out into the world of food when she opens Mettle, an "Austin bistro" on East Sixth with former Olivia chef Andrew Francisco in the kitchen. Her read on the neighborhood, as told to Texas Monthly today: "I think this area is ready to blow up. It's got a need for good food." Dunlap tells TxMo that while the haters may hate, she's too busy starting a new restaurant empire, which is why she called the place "Mettle."

"There are so many people that would love me to fail, love me to quit, or love me to give up, but the mettle inside me doesn't let me do that because I'm not done yet."
Both Mettle and her long-awaited Container Bar on Rainey Street are set to open in November. After that? It's more restaurants: "Basically, we're going to take on Austin. That might sound cocky, but that's our plan."

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The future home of Mettle. [Photo: Andrea Grimes/EATX/Mettle Facebook/Google Maps]

Mettle [Closed]

507 Calles St, Austin, TX 78702 (512) 236-1022 Visit Website


507 Calles Street, Austin, TX