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Jovita's Owner: Drug Ring Leader Or Sports Bar Dreamer?

Either Jovita's owner Amado "Mayo" Pardo was trying to convert his South Austin restaurant into a sports bar, or he was talking on the phone about guns and heroin. A common source of confusion, of course, explained in this article about the restaurant's alleged role as the headquarters of a heroin ring, pieced together from preliminary happenings in the case and interviews.

Pardo himself took pains to avoid costly mistakes. He never said "drugs" or "heroin" on the phone, often using code, like referring to the drugs as "girls,' Hause testified. When he spoke of guns, he used the code-word "TVs." His lawyer suggested that the talk was legitimate and surrounded Pardo's plans to convert Jovita's into a sports bar.
Jovita's was raided back in June, with officials arresting eighteen people and seizing over $1.5 million in assets and $38,000 in drugs, money, guns and real estate. Pardo is set to go on trial in February.

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