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Electioneering Glasses At Flying Saucer; Top Food Trucks

TRIANGLE — Support both your presidential candidate of choice and your drinking habit at the Flying Saucer, which is selling Obama and Romney election glasses. The President is currently leading in Austin, 268-130. [Eaterwire]

TRUCKWIRE — The Statesman's Matthew Odam has named his top five food trucks in Austin, and they are: JMueller BBQ, East Side King, Turf 'n Surf, Three Little Pigs and Rosita's Al Pastor. [Statesman]

BEERWIRE — It's Austin Beer Week, do you know where your craft beer is? Tonight's events are all over town, from the Whip In to Red's Porch to Hopfields and more. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Courtesy of the Flying Saucer]

East Side King

401 Franklin Street, , TX 77201 Visit Website

Flying Saucer - Austin

815 W 47th Street, Austin, TX 78751 512 454 8200 Visit Website

Flying Saucer

815 West 47th Street #100 Austin, TX 78705