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Anthony Bourdain And Austin, Sittin' In A Tree

Bourdain, shotgunning with the guys from Sleigh Bells.
Bourdain, shotgunning with the guys from Sleigh Bells.
Photo: Travel Channel

Foul-mouthed patron saint of food television Anthony Bourdain "loves" Austin because it's "just so quirky" and and "welcoming" with "good bars, good music" and zomg and so on and what-have-you. Via the Houston Press, Bourdain says:

"I love Austin. We picked Austin to do a show because I've been so many times on book tours and speaking tours. I love the town. It's just so quirky and has always been a welcoming place to be. There are good bars, good music, a good food truck culture -- and the best kind of food truck culture. There's a lot of good, authentic Mexican food, a dining public at every income level who are open to and interested in new, different, authentic and tasty -- it's a good environment for people who like to cook and eat -- and I always get a good pair of boots there."
Thanks, man. We had a pretty good time, too. So, you'll call us or ... ?

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