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New Chef At Cafe Josie; Germans Love Texas Barbecue

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WEST SIXTH — Chef shuffle alert: former Olive & June sous chef Brandon Fuller, who's also worked at Wink, Parkside and Uchi "takes the helm" at West Sixth's Cafe Josie today, reports JW Walthall. [@512Foodie]

ZOMG BBQWIRE — Europeans don't all hate America, or at least one European dude doesn't hate Texas barbecue, so that's something. Read all about this nice German man's experience at the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival over the weekend. [TxMo]

EAST SIDE — Chef Parind Vora has shuttered his east side restaurant Braise, presumably to focus on Bar Mirabeau and Restaurant Jezebel. [FedManWalking]

[Photo: Cafe Josie/Facebook]

Cafe Josie

1200 West 6th Street Austin, TX 78703