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Are Lying Liar Paul Qui's Top Chef Pants Afire?

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Was Paul Qui lying when he said he was in Austin last week and not Vancouver, filming the Top Chef: Texas finale?

Last week when we heard the Top Chef: Texas finalists were filming in Canada, we wondered, like many of you wondered, is Top Cheftestapant Paul Qui in town? Or is there a chance he's made it to the tip-top of Top Chef? The great thing about wondering on Twitter is that there's a chance you'll get a reply, which @BepkoBoy and @Eater did, from @PQui hisownself. His response, however, was disappointing: Qui Tweeted that he was "In Austin!"

So why, then, did Qui Tweet this photo last night and caption it "home," followed by a slew of photos of Uchiko dishes if he's really been home all this time anyway? We suspect that you are a lying liar, Paul Qui, and we see that your pants may be afire, and we are very happy about it.

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[Photo: @PQui]


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