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Jester King Beer Delay; Girl Scout Cookie Excellence

BEERWIRE -- Jester King's got an update on the status of their Das Wunderkind! beer, which has been delayed through the distributor pending some TABC issues. [JesterKing]

BEE CAVE -- Are you low on aspirations? Content to just make $7/hour for the forseeable future? Plate By Dzintra is looking for someone to wash dishes who isn't "trying to work your way up to a server or cooking position." [Craigslist]

COOKIEWIRE -- El Paso Girl Scouts sold more boxes of cookies per scout than scouts in any other city in Texas. [TXMo]

The Jester King beer barn. [Photo: Jester King/Facebook]

Jester King Craft Brewery

13005 Fitzhugh Road, Austin, TX 78736 512 537 5100 Visit Website

Jester King

13005 Fitzhugh Road, Austin, TX 78736

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