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Matthew Odam And Hopfields, A Love Story

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In this week's Austin-American Statesman, Matthew Odam would like to tell you all about this amazing new girl he's been seeing. Her name is Hopfields, and she is a gastropub, and oh, how one's little heart goes pitter-patter at the sight of her! This precious French gamine is unpretentious, lovingly serving centuries-old family recipes from France. Et bien sur, mademoiselle is tres petite, but she offers so many delicious beers. And we'll forgive mademoiselle for inconsistently cooked steak frites, because mademoiselle is just so charming. Writes Odam:

Call Hopfields a "gastropub"; call it a unique addition to the north campus/Hyde Park area; call it a familial homage; call it whatever you want. I am happy to call it one of my favorite new places in town.
How does Odam love Hopfields? Let us count some of the ways: there's the 75 Years In Provence cocktail ("tasted like a romp through a French meadow in spring") and the lamb sandwich ("one of the best in town") and the warm decor ("Hopfields blends rustic French countryside with steampunk") and of course, the very knowledgeable staff who provided "excellent recommendations and showed an expansive knowledge of the beers offered." Alas, Odam may want more from Hopfields than mademoiselle is willing to offer, lamenting, "I found myself longing for a bit more of a traditional restaurant experience." Oh, fickle love, how your prickly things prick us! Le swoon.

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[Photo: Hopfields/Facebook]


3110 Guadalupe Street, , TX 78705 (512) 537-0467 Visit Website


3110 Guadalupe St. Austin, Texas 78705