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Uphill, Both Ways, In The Snow

lucy150.jpgThe Austin American-Statesman's crunchy curmudgeon columnist John Kelso visits Lucy's Fried Chicken, which, he'll-be-gosh-derned, is both old-fangled and new-fangled. "A new fried chicken place in South Austin combines some of the old Austin with the new," writes Kelso, who divides Austin in to pre- and post-valet parking eras. Pre? The Lucy's Texas-themed jukebox. Post? Oysters on the menu. As for the deep-fried deviled eggs, writes, Kelso, "I'm not sure what era that's from. If any." [Statesman]

Lucy's Fried Chicken

2218 College Avenue, , TX 78704 (512) 297-2423 Visit Website