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Virginia Wood: French Quarter Grille Is Very Sweet

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The Austin Chronicle's Virginia B. Wood reviews the French Quarter Grille this week. The restaurant, which is snuggled into a cozy corner of the Wal-Mart shopping center at I-35 and Parmer Lane, gets a sweet, sweet endorsement from Wood, who writes that the "most important thing to remember when dining at the French Quarter Grille is to pace oneself and save room for dessert."

She says everything on the menu--everything--is "well-executed and satisfying," while the restaurant itself is run by "experienced hospitality pros" who perfectly prepare catfish and turn out a "dainty and restrained" creme brulee that's "well worth a visit to the restaurant all on its own." Wood also answers the question we've all been dying to know the answer to, which is, Did Virginia Wood's friend like the food she had there? The answer ... is yes! "My friend thoroughly enjoyed her order of shrimp and crawfish pasta." Whew!

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[Photo: Kaci G./Yelp]

French Quarter Grille

13000 N. I-35, Suite 600 Austin, TX 78753