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Casey Thompson's New Projects; Stolen Busses in Houston

DALLAS—Former Top Chef contestant Casey Thompson talks Sam's Club and new restaurants, a food blogger gives an A+ review to a restaurant she also happens to work for and Eater Dallas checks back in with a self-proclaimed food snob to see how his $12.50-per-meal budget is shaking out. [EDFW]

HOUSTON—Grilling in city parks is temporarily banned due to drought, eating cheese helps local farms affected by the raging Texas wildfires, a downtown pub owner relives the story of his stolen bus, and Top Chef Just Desserts chef Rebecca Masson gives the details of her ninja injury. [EHTX]

STATEWIDE—Sadly, statistics show that Texas is second to last when it comes to hungry the entire nation. On a much perkier note, San Antonio looks forward to its first Twin Peaks opening (the mountain-themed breastaurant), and the much awaited cookbook from Texan-turned-New-Yorker Lisa Fain is finally available for purchase next week. [MySanAntonio, Star-Telegram, Houston Chronicle]