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Rick Perry Compared North Carolina Barbecue to 'Roadkill' (They Disagree)

Oh, good, Rick Perry is in trouble with some people in North Carolina for an off-the-cuff comment that he made about their state's barbecue practices. It seems that way back in 1992 the Governor and wannabe Presidential nominee said of Eastern North Carolina pork barbecue, "I've had road kill that tasted better than that."

Oh, no, he didn't. (Oh, yes, he rather delightfully did.)

Anyway, now that Rick Perry's trying to get that big nomination, this quote has come back to haunt him. In an essay in the Charlotte Examiner titled "Rick Perry's NC BBQ 'Road Kill' Comment Makes Him Ineligible to Be President," Jeffrey Weeks vows not to vote for Perry and takes issue with the tradition of Texas brisket: "You make steaks out of cows. Read my lips, BBQ comes from a gosh-darned pig." (The whole essay is full of over-the-top East Coast barbecue propaganda; go, read.)

Here are the questions that need to be asked: Can Rick Perry be considered a barbecue expert? Has he actually eaten road kill? Is there any meat that is not improved by a long visit to the smoker? Why can't people just agree that barbecue is delicious? Answers, please, in the comments below.

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