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El Arbol Alums Are Working on a New Restaurant

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chad-dolezal-200-2.jpgThe staff of the now-shuttered El Arbol will not be defeated: chef Chad Dolezal tells Eater Austin that the recently unemployed alumni of the Bryker Woods restaurant are going to open a place of their own, taking cues from El Arbol but doing it their way:

We are opening another place. We have a few locations we are looking at, I am waiting to get one set before I say too much...What I can say is that the place will be smaller, the food won't be a far cry from El Arbol, but it will be at a lower price point.

Word is that the staff of El Arbol found out about the shutter rather abruptly, so it's good to see them working on a new project already. As always, updates as they come.

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Chad Dolezal. [Photo: El Arbol]

El Arbol

3411 Glenview Avenue, Austin, TX 78703

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