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The State Fair; Uchi Houston; Tim Love's Mayo Schill

TEXAS-WIDE — Inmate requested final last meals are now a thing of the past in Texas, and the water supply may not be a thing of the future. In happier news, the State Fair of Texas, AKA the World's Fried Food Headquarters, opens next week.

HOUSTONLots of updates this week on Beard award winning Austin chef Tyson Cole's upcoming project, Uchi Houston (coming in January). In the meantime, ten Houston chefs 'fessed up to their favorite guilty pleasures and McDonald's tried to block a local mac and cheese restaurant, Jus' Mac from trademarking their name.

DALLAS — Eater Dallas talked to ex-Top Cheftestapant Tiffany Derry about her upcoming restaurant, Private Social, interviewed artist Jennifer Rubell about her food-related performance art, and chatted with the owner of the Anvil Pub on its first anniversary. Also, Tim Love is schilling for Hellman's now.