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Hole In The Wall To Add Diner Space, Breakfast

The Hole In The Wall up on Guadalupe across from campus (you know, where you get your "cheap music, fast drinks, live women") is transitioning toward opening a full-service restaurant with breakfast and late night meals with a "typical seedy Austin, Texas diner feel," according to the bar and rock venue's day manager Denis O'Donnell. They're bringing in staff from another campus classic, the Crown and Anchor, to help develop and manage the concept that will feature Austin art on the walls and a "punk rock lookin' waitstaff."

"It's gonna be a cool service to everybody when they're partying, and it's time to close, they can mosey next door and get an omelet or chicken fried steak and eggs," says O'Donnell, who describes the tentative menu as a "regular old Southern breakfast type thing."

The back garage area will serve as a diner, while the bar's signature patio will be pushed farther toward Guadalupe Street to make up for the lost outdoor space. Diners will be able to enter from San Antonio Street. The breakfast roll-out will be slow over the next few weeks, as "We're kind of in scramble mode right now," says O'Donnell. "No pun intended."

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The storied bar. [Photo: HITW/Facebook]

Hole In The Wall

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Hole In The Wall

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