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DFW Pop-Up Resto Fight; HTX 9/11 Fail; Wildfire Relief

The Bolsa patio in Dallas.
The Bolsa patio in Dallas.
Photo: Bolsa/Facebook

DALLAS—Eater Dallas gets an earful from local produce master Tom Spicer, who's sick of pop-up dinners not buying his fruit and vegetables, has the details on Chef Jeff Harris' new gig as executive chef at Bolsa and clucks at the old ladies who've been known to steal entire corn plants from the Garden Cafe.

HOUSTON—Full of drama this week, Houston showed its nasty side after a bar employee drew an offensive "Happy 9/11" illustration on a Muslim man's to-go box. More drama included a James Beard nominee Twitter fight, but then followed with an apology from one of the chefs involved. [EHTX]

STATEWIDE—While a report showed a large amount of people in Texas go hungry every year, another article shows that many of those are Hispanics, less depressing was the help that Central Texas businesses gave to wildfire victims by donating food and animal feed, and finally San Antonio restaurants have teamed up to help support their local artist community in a program called A La Carte. [HuffPo, Statesman, SABizJournal]