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Dallas Food Trucks; Shit People Steal in Houston

DALLAS — Eater Dallas plays Pin the Tail on the Critic, with a map of hot spots new Dallas Observer restaurant critic/hipster dreamboat Scott Reitz might review next. Also, a handy guide to Dallas food trucks. [-EDTX-]

HOUSTON — Eater Houston knows everyone in Houston's been taking naked lady cloth napkins from Strip House (or at least wanted to), and explores Bobby Heugel's expanding bar/coffeeshop empire in the Montrose neighborhood. [-EHTX-]

SAN ANTONIOTop Chef sightings abound at the CIA and the Alamo, where onlookers were informed there was a bike commercial shooting. Hmm. Wonder whose bike might be at the Alamo? [MySA, -EN-]

STATEWIDE — The drought is being terrible to everyone everywhere including Gulf Coast oysters and East Texas restaurants. Go look at this Texas-shaped ribeye to cheer yourself up. [KVUE, KTRE, TM]

Tradewinds Social Club, Dallas. [Photo: Tradewinds / Facebook]