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The Chronicle on Bartlett's and Live Oak; Meat at Buenos Aires

This week, the Chronicle hit up two restaurants: Virginia Wood reviewed Bartlett's, the former Houston's-turned-locally owned restaurant up on West Anderson Lane. And she approved: "He has maintained the best parts of an already classy operation while adding the occasional Austintatious flourish to make it uniquely our own. Good show!"

Next, Mick Vann sampled the meats at Live Oak Barbecue on the East Side, and made sure to note that "you enter, order, pay...and get your food and drinks immediately." He also called the ribs "superlative."

And, for the out-of-town perspective, here's Fort Worth sports blogger recommending the meat at the "bordering on uppity" Buenos Aires Cafe: "If you're going to come here, don't be a Vegan. Argentinians are all about meat."

Bartlett's. [Photo: Bartlett's / Facebook]

Buenos Aires Cafe

1201 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78702