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Craigslist Ad Seeks Drunk Clown For $10 an Hour 'to Party'

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So this is a thing now: hiring people to hang out with you while you get drunk. First up, it was a group of dudes seeking some ladies to hang out during ACL, and now it's a group that offered $10 an hour plus drinks for a drunk clown to tour the fine establishments of West Sixth with them. They were looking for someone this past Sunday from 3:00 PM on; no word on whether they found the clown of their dreams or whether or not he made balloon animals.

Dress up like a clown, be willing to get drunk, and hang out with a cool group of people and bar hop with us this Sunday (August 28th) You will meet us at Kung Fu probably around 3:00 pm- (you MUST be dressed up like a clown, face paint.. etc... it would be awesome if you had those little blow up balloons with you too).... and we will have a Sunday Fun day on West 6th. We will pay you $10 an hour, and pay for your drinks. Contact me for details.

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