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Houston's Lobster Thief; Hanna Raskin Causes Dallas Trouble

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HOUSTON — A Houston busboy risked his dudely bits sneaking a live lobster out of Brenner's in his pants, while Samba Grille owners Nathan Ketcham and Estella Erdmann talk new restaurant owner naiveté in their One Year In interview. [-EHTX-]

DALLAS — Former Dallas Observer critic Hanna Raskin caused all kinds of trouble among Dallas food critics, even from her new post in Seattle, and Maple & Motor owner Jack Perkins fields accusations that his restaurant is "gay-unfriendly." [-EDTX-]

EL PASO — The El Paso Times talks to the Lampinstein/Atkins family, which has three separate restaurateurs, and chefs cooked up "spiders, scorpions and crickets" at the El Paso Zoo's Bug Fest. [El Paso Times, KTSM]

ZOMG BBQ — Full Custom Gospel BBQ heads to "The World's Largest Free Barbecue" in Dalhart, and Man Up Texas BBQ brought Aaron Franklin of Austin's Franklin Barbecue on a tour of the great pits of Texas (and caught it on film). [Full Custom Gospel BBQ, Man Up Texas BBQ]

TEXAS-WIDE — The drought continues to ruin things. This time: Texas vineyards. Also, many, many kids in the Panhandle are on food stamps. [Daily Toreador, Amarillo Globe News]

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