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Sam's BBQ Reopens After Operation Meat Locker Bust

Sam's BBQ, pants-meat free since mid-2011? Scrumptious Chef stopped by the East Austin landmark yesterday after seeing the lights on — and lo, calls to the restaurant confirm that they have in fact reopened.

Sam's — along with Willie's Bar-B-Que and La Morenita — was shuttered briefly after APD's Operation Meat Locker, which busted restaurants for buying meat stolen from HEB. Which was, um, oftentimes smuggled out of stores in the thieves' pants.

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[Photo: Raphael Brion]

Sam's Bar-B-Que

1110 South Bascom Avenue, , CA 95128 (408) 297-9151 Visit Website

Sam's BBQ

2000 East 12th Street Austin, TX 78702-1702