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Craigslist Ad Seeks Ladies to Serve Drinks to Group of Dudes

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Hey ladies, what are you doing ACL weekend? Want to hang out with forty bros and serve them drinks? Austinist spied this creepy Craigslist ad for "fun, outgoing girls" to serve drinks to "doctors, lawyers, bankers, navy fighter pilots, screenwriters, actors, real estate owners and internet entrepreneurs" all weekend. Sometimes even on a boat! Don't worry, they're paying a base-wage and also covering "plus free food, drinks, and all party related expenses." What do you say?

Here's the text of the ad, in case it gets removed:

What's needed:
Fun, outgoing girls to bartend and serve cocktails at several events over 3 days during ACL weekend.

Who we are:
We're a large group (40 people) coming in from all over the country for a three-day party. Our careers span doctors, lawyers, bankers, navy fighter pilots, screenwriters, actors, real estate owners and internet entrepreneurs. We're good boys who make our mammas proud, but we love to have a good time and can party with the best of them.

What the position involves:
To serve drinks at three events throughout the weekend: 1) Early evening cocktails by the pool our first night in town. 2) Afternoon cocktails out on several boats we have rented on Lake Travis. 3) Lunch time cocktails at our ranch on the biggest and last day of the party.

Description of the ideal candidates:
Highly presentable, fun girls with great energy who enjoy being around a good party. A group of girlfriends could work well.

Base pay is negotiable but will be a solid hourly wage-- plus free food, drinks, and all party related expenses.

Interviews with potential candidates will be held two weeks ahead of time--on Friday August 26th and Saturday August 27th.

If interested, please email pictures, availability for an interview, and a brief description of why you are perfect for this position!

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